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Community Profile

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The seat of Edwards County is Kinsley, around which the economy of Edwards County revolves.  It is known for its Carnival Heritage Center & Museum.  It is also known for its prominent 'Half Way Sign' marking 'Midway', the equidistant point between San Francisco and New York City.  Economic activities in Edwards County include a mix of service, retail, and agrarian interests.  The medium household income is around $38,000.

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As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Edwards County is 3,037.  There were nearly 1,500 households, with a median age of 41 and a median family income of $38,250.

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Edwards County, is in the southwest part of Kansas.  It is 145 miles west of Wichita, 90 miles west of Hutchinson, 35 miles east of Dodge City, and it is connected by Highway 56 to the northeast with Great Bend.