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Senior Security

Here are some suggestions to make your home more secure:

home clipartHome Security

  • Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Protect windows and any other points of entry with good locks or devices.
  • Keep premises well lighted at night.
  • Always keep your doors locked.
  • If you do not already have a peep door, have one installed so you can see who is outside without opening the door.
  • Don't rely on security chains, as they can be easily broken.
  • Never let strangers into your home before checking for proper identification, even to use the phone. Make the call for them while they wait outside.
  • Never give information indicating when you will or will not be at home or let anyone know if you live alone.
  • When you go out, use automatic timers throughout you home to make your home look occupied.

CarTroubleVehicle Security

  • Always keep your car in good mechanical condition and see that it is not out of gas before driving very far.
    Lock your car at all times.
    If you have car trouble, raise the hood slightly, put up a SEND HELP SIGN and lock yourself inside and wait for the police.

Personal Security

  • When going out, arrange your schedule so you don't have to walk alone. Always walk with a friend whenever possible.
  • If you do go out alone, carry a whistle or loud noise maker in your hand to scare off a potential attacker.
  • Don't walk near shrubbery or parked cars. These are prime places to hide.
  • Carry only the money you need and leave unnecessary credit cards at home.
  • Keep your money in a pocket instead of a purse or wallet.
  • Don't carry a purse unless it is necessary and to avoid potential injury from purse snatchers, never wrap the strap around your neck and shoulder.
  • When planning to return home after dark, leave a porch light on and always have your keys in hand when approaching the house door or car.
  • Before retiring for the evening make a safety check of your home.

cashFinancial Security

  • Have all social security and retirement checks deposited directly into your bank account. If possible, do this with all other incomes, too.
  • Be on the watch for scams and con games like these, below.
  • The Pigeon Drop... Beware of the person who claims to have found a large sum of money and wants to share it with you. But, until some legal contracts can be drawn you will have to give up  some "good faith" money of your own. You will never get your money back nor any of the found money. Remember, you rarely get something for nothing.
  • The Bank Examiner Scheme... A person representing himself as a  bank examiner will contact you with a story about a dishonest teller at the bank. He will ask you to withdraw an amount of money and turn it over to him. He will tell you that the investigation will be over in a couple of days and he will redeposit your money. This, of course, never happens and your money is gone. Remember, no bank will ever ask your help by withdrawing your money.
  • Three Card Monte... In this scam your are approached by a person with a large roll of cash. This usually happens while you are on vacation or on a train trip. They talk to you until they have gained your confidence, then they suggest you play cards. The game is rigged so that you will win continuously until you have won a substantial amount of money. Then before paying up, they want to know how you would have paid if you had lost. They insist on seeing the cash. When that is done, they switch money with you. You will have a true bill on top and bottom, but not in the middle. The card players are gone with all your cash, neither of which will ever be seen again.